About is owned and operated by Thomas Hill. I can be reached at (803) 348-9834 or by email at serves as a resource for business professionals in the mortgage correspondent lending and mortgage seller risk management industries. This web site provides resources and strategies for implementation of seller risk management and performance monitoring programs that provide an early warning system for high-risk originators. documents my personal approach towards third party seller and servicing portfolio risk management and reporting strategies.
History and Qualifications was started in May of 2005.

After working on several Seller Performance Monitoring projects, as an employee for a major correspondent lender and as a consultant for a mortgage technology application solutions provider, it became apparent that a resource was needed to facilitate communication between the business unit and technology providers when talking about mortgage industry key performance indicators and strategies for measuring their significance. This site was created as a means of fulfilling that requirement.

As a by-product, has evolved into a provider of mortgage industry news, articles, forums and technology.

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