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Post Subject:    Looking to buy first home
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Click here to reply to this postReply Click here to monitor this post on Monitor | Report Abuse My fiancé and I are looking to buy a house. We recently found out we are going to have a baby in January. She has a son with special needs, so we are looking to build a home that will accommodate him, as well as our growing family. She does not work, as she is the full time care giver to her son, but has a down payment of $80,000. I still have student loan debt of roughly $40,000. My payments are roughly $1600/mo. We're planning on buying when my student loans were paid off. In order to accommodate her son the house will roughly cost $350,000. How can we secure a mortgage while maintaining 20% down? Currently my monthly payments are too high to qualify. I should add that I currently make around $87,000 a year which will increase by $15,000 in January when I meet the requirements for my engineering license. What should we do? Thank you.

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