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Post Subject:    Average pullthrough in today's market
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Click here to reply to this postReply Click here to monitor this post on Monitor | Report Abuse A user wants to know .... In today‚Äôs market what is considered an average pullthrough percentage? ------------- responded: "Average pullthrough percentages will vary depending on regional market considerations and loan product type. For mortgage industry performance monitoring purposes, a typical conversation with lenders revolves around benchmarks for desired pullthrough and methods for helping achieve those benchmarks. This doesn't answer your question; however; most correspondent lenders that I have talked with consider Best Effort delivery greater that 90% to be Excellent and anything greater than 75% to be Good. Anything below those percentages, depending on the loan amounts involved should trigger a call or notice to the seller."

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Click here to reply to this postReply Click here to monitor this post on Monitor | Report Abuse Average pullthrough for a rate locked pipeline is 75% given a static interest rate environment. Lenders can expect pullthrough to decline to 65%-70% when rates decline more then 25 basis points within a 45 -60 day period.Coversely pullthrough of 80% plus would be common for pipelines subjected to rate increases of 25 basis points or more over a like period of time. The length of the original lock period and origination channel (retail, wholessale, correspondent) are factors in determining pullthrough percentages. Historical fallout data should be tracked and monitored to aid in predicting future fallout behavior. Pat Cutler - Cutler Consulting, Inc.

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